Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is definelty here!

Well Fall is here for sure, all the leaves are falling off the trees and I can feel the chill in the air in themorning! With that comes colds, little Antonio has one brewing. Since most of us get sick from the little ones at school or day care I will tell you what I do.

I get lots of the vitamin C packs you can add to water and D-3, that saves me every time. Take like 2000 units of D-3 if you feel something brewing inside for a couple days and that just wipes out the bug. Then I continue to take 1000 units(1 pill) from then on all winter.

Everyone has heard of Nette pots from Dr. Oz. Get one if you don't have one and are pregnant, it clears out all your sinus's better than any drugs do. I also use ear oil with cotton at night. That really works, lubricates the ear canal, works great on kids too. That has saved me every time!
Again, this is just what I do, I'm not saying it's for everyone but it works for me!!!

Happy Healthy Fall, all you mommies to be!