Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now Baby Sounds for Pets avaliable in Canada!!!!

If you are looking for our CD in Canada you can now find it at

We are so excited to be selling in Canada and now helping new mommies and daddy's to be!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Woodstock Fest 2009!!! Great review of us!

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Woofstock Fest 2009

Posted in entertainment  by cindy on July 22nd, 2009
What a great day we had at the first annual Woofstock Fest.   They offered something for everyone from agility demonstrations to an extreme doggy makeover.  Owners and their dogs were relaxing in the warm sunshine as the weather could not have been better.   Not too hot and not too cold.  It was a paw-fect day:-)   If you missed it this year, you’ll have to make it a “must do” for next year.  Here are some photos that we took  highlighting the day from our booth.  It was fun outfitting the dogs in new collars and harnesses.  We can’t wait for next year!!!:-)

Carmel, California for Spring Break anyone??????

Posted in Uncategorizededucationalentertainmentfunny factstravel  by cindy on February 7th, 2009
There are always two big questions when it comes time to plan a trip. What are we going to do with the dogs? and where should we go? I think I have your answer for you. If it’s not your answer, it might be mine:-) Looks like “Carmel-by-the-Sea: Dog Heaven on Earth” is where everyone will be happy. In this read you will find that they have everything covered. The hotels, restaurants, shops and galleries welcome canine companions, with some going as far as to offer special doggie menus and treats. For example one of the restaurants offers “a Quarter Hounder”. The latest addition is a drinking fountain called “The Fountain of Woof”. Here is the link to read more and plan your trip.

Preparing your dog for the new baby

Posted in educationalentertainment  by cindy on September 20th, 2008
It seems like a lifetime ago when I was trying to prepare our Bassett Hound, Fred, for the arrival of our first child. Imagine my thoughts of envy when I found this cd – Baby Sounds For Pets. My first thought was “I could have used that”!!!! But then I just decided to be excited for those of you that are lucky enough to have something like this available to you. This is so perfect for getting your furry friend ready to “move it on over” and be the “big dog” instead of the baby. Every dog is different and some have a harder time than others but all of them require lots of patience. And if you’ll ever notice, couples always seem to get a dog first, then have children. Do you think this somehow is a prequel to the real thing? Well, the bottom line is……if you don’t have the patience, just get the cd. Back in the day, and I mean WAY back in the day, my Mother would have told me “play the cd every day….it makes for good birth control”. Well…….28 years and two kids later I think “the cd? – the kids – the cd? – the kids”. Maybe I didn’t listen to it long enough:-) She must have left that part out:-)
This can be found at

Raffle Winner!!!

Our raffle winner of a CD and a One On One Consultation at the show was:

Kirsten Porcelli

Please email me for your winnings, we can set up an appt for the phone One on One and I am happy to send you the CD!!!


Baby Bytes event in Manhattan Success!

Hi Everybody,

It was so exciting meeting all the new mommies to be at the Baby Bytes event in Manhattan on the 11th. Good luck to you all on your new babies! We are here for you if you have any questions for your pets as well. Please feel free to email me at

I forgot to tell some of you that were interested in the CD we sell it at Puppy Loft on 26th st at 8th ave.

I am also going to be doing One On One Consultations over the phone for anyone that needs a little extra help getting kitty or fido ready. We are offering a special rate for those of you I met at the event just remind me about the show special!!!

Flower Essences for pets! A lot of you were interested in the flower essences that help pets with acceptance and jealousy! My Chihuahua loved them after Antonio came. Any pet that is nervous needs them to help adjust to the big change in his life. We will have them soon! They are vinegar based not alcohol and go right in their water!

Again, great meeting you all!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is definelty here!

Well Fall is here for sure, all the leaves are falling off the trees and I can feel the chill in the air in themorning! With that comes colds, little Antonio has one brewing. Since most of us get sick from the little ones at school or day care I will tell you what I do.

I get lots of the vitamin C packs you can add to water and D-3, that saves me every time. Take like 2000 units of D-3 if you feel something brewing inside for a couple days and that just wipes out the bug. Then I continue to take 1000 units(1 pill) from then on all winter.

Everyone has heard of Nette pots from Dr. Oz. Get one if you don't have one and are pregnant, it clears out all your sinus's better than any drugs do. I also use ear oil with cotton at night. That really works, lubricates the ear canal, works great on kids too. That has saved me every time!
Again, this is just what I do, I'm not saying it's for everyone but it works for me!!!

Happy Healthy Fall, all you mommies to be!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrity Parents Magazine article!

Moms We Love: Kristen Overdurf Abud


If you’re expecting and worried about your beloved pug Pugsley’s reaction to the new baby, then try Baby Sounds for Pets ($16.99). The brainchild of model/actress Kristen Overdurf-Abud, the CD features a wide range of baby noises -- from laughter to a full-on tantrum -- to get your pet used to baby sounds before your own little bundle arrives.Celebrity Parents spoke with Kristen about Baby Sounds for Pets, her family, and her aha! moment.

Let's talk a bit about your beginnings. You worked as a model for many years.

Yes, I did. Most of my modeling has been commercial print so I’ve been in ads for sunglasses, hair products, clothes, cell phones, etc. My acting has been in commercials, a few independent films, and lots of theatre. I have also done a lot of voice over work as well. I also am a professional Makeup/Hair artist for film, TV and print work.


What made you come up with the idea for Baby Sounds for Pets?
My sister had just gotten pregnant and was really worried how her golden retrievers would respond to the baby. I went looking for a CD of sounds and I couldn’t find one anywhere. Someone in Australia said, “You should just make one”, so I did. In my research, I realized so many people were getting rid of their pets without even trying to help them because they didn’t know what to do about a baby’s arrival. So I was very inspired to help people keep their family together. I truly feel that children need to grow up with animals to learn compassion and responsibility. What better way to learn unconditional love than from their pet? My son loves his Wawa, as he calls our beloved Fred the Chihuahua and kitty Pasha.

Let's talk about the process of creating the CD.
I wanted the sounds to be real so I knew I would need babies for it. I held a casting and asked the parents what their baby did best. Moms and Dads know their kids and it’s amazing how right on they were! The “Laughers” and the “Criers” were right on cue! Then what was left was to put it together, create the graphics, the website and printing. The process was pretty quick; it was the editing of the babies that took the most time!

What has been people’s reaction to the CD?
I have had so many positive responses! Many pet parents were looking for something like this to help them and their pets be prepared for the new arrival. Having a baby is one of the biggest changes for human beings, so imagine how much it changes our pets’ lives! Overall, people love it and find it very simple to use with great results. I even had several husbands say they feel more prepared!


What can people expect when they buy the CD?

I always tell people to start playing the Baby Sounds for Pets on a daily basis about a month or so before the baby’s arrival. That way, the pet has plenty of preparation. Some pets will pace in circles, some will growl at certain tracks and some just lay there. The main thing is that the sounds are being played in the house to get them used to them. No reaction is still a reaction.

I find cats are way more curious about where the sounds are coming from. They usually want to investigate the speakers! My cat was very interested in the crib and bassinet. What I tell people is don’t try to keep the cat out; he will get in! Play the sounds if you can from the crib so they get used to where the baby will be.

Now, I have been told by bird parents that birds are the most jealous! My suggestion is to just start slow with them. You should play the CD’s on a low volume so they aren’t scared.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give pet owners is to try to keep their pet’s routine the same, even after the baby comes. If necessary, hire a dog walker to keep their walk schedule the same, and be sure to make special time for just you and your pet.

Where is the CD sold?
The CD is sold at maternity and baby stores as well pet stores. It also is sold on line at and You can find stores in specific states on my site too.


You have a young son, Antonio. Is it hard to balance work with being a mom?

I try to remind myself that the most important job I have as a mom is Antonio and his well-being. After having my son, I realized that living in the moment and not sweating the small stuff is the way to get through it all. Whatever is important will get done.

What do you have planned for the future?
We have some great plans for the future! We have a new version of the CD coming out with a Spanish intro. Also, I will be introducing a new line of Flower Essences for your pets’ water to help with issues such as acceptance, jealousy, and life changes.

I also would like to start offering one-on-one pet Coaching on the phone or in person to help get new mommies and daddies get their pets really ready for their baby’s arrival.

For more information on Baby Sounds for Pets, please go to To read our review of the CD, click here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pet Smart Reviews! from

OVERALL RATING5 out of 55 of 5
April 23, 2009 
by sttewart from Oregon 

"What an amazing product! Thank you Pet Smart! We have just introduced the sounds to our Min Pin, it worked! He has now adjusted to the new baby sounds. We highly recommend this product to anyone bringing their new born home!" 

What is your gender?: F
How many pets do you have?: 2
How often do you shop at PetSmart?: Monthly

Review 2 for Baby Sounds For Pets - CD

OVERALL RATING5 out of 55 of 5
Baby Sounds for Pets Rules!!!, April 9, 2009 
by southpaw3485 from Kansas City 

"I have two tabbies, both a whisker over a year old. They are very energetic, they love to run and play, and are very affectionate. Of course I was concerned about their reaction to a new human coming into the household. Baby Sounds worked miracles! What a great idea! Bob & Dylan are adjusting very well. Kudos to you for this fine product . . . I would recommend Baby Sounds to any feline parent. I hope you sell a million!" 

What is your gender?: M
How many pets do you have?: 2
How often do you shop at PetSmart?: A few times a year
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Review 3 for Baby Sounds For Pets - CD

OVERALL RATING5 out of 55 of 5
Excellent gift for new parents!, April 9, 2009 
by whools from Michigan 

"I have given countless copies of this CD to my pet-loving friends as they become parents and each one of them is struck by how clever it is and how helpful. Of course animal lovers want to do anything possible to make the transition to a new baby as easy as it can be for their pets - and this product will help make that happen. Your pets will get used to the various sounds your baby will be making - ahead of time - so that by the time the baby comes, your pets will be comfortable. You'll get a laugh out of some of the sounds, your pets will stop freaking out - it's win / win! I'm excited to see the product online instead of just in the store!" 

What is your gender?: F
How many pets do you have?: 4
How often do you shop at PetSmart?: A few times a year

Review 4 for Baby Sounds For Pets - CD

OVERALL RATING5 out of 55 of 5
Fantastic CD, April 9, 2009 
by Clara from Chicago, IL 

"I purchased this cd is preparation for my first child. We also own a pure bred Sheltie, Levi. He is our baby eventhough he is really an old man. :) He interreacted differently to each sound represented. I was so thrilled to see his progress after only playing this CD just a couple times. It truly was an effective tool to prepare him for our new baby on the way! I highly recommend this CD to any family with furry-loved ones that are expecting their new baby. He was not only used to our babies new sounds but wasn't bothered by any of the fussing! Yeah.

What is your gender?: F
How many pets do you have?: 1
How often do you shop at PetSmart?: A few times a year
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

4 Stars again!!!

4.0 out of 5 stars puppy preparenessFebruary 7, 2009
By BeagleLuvr (Seattle, WA) -  Amazon Review
I got this for my sister who is 11 weeks 

Helping her doggie adapt to a baby to come.

Another 4 star Review!

 DecoFan (Maryland) From
I got this because our first child is on the way. Our rescued American Eskimo came running when I first turned the CD on, then he quickly lost interest. He howls at some noises so we were worried he might do the same thing when the baby cries. Thanks to this CD we realize he'll probably ignore the baby crying. I think the baby crying tracks bothered me the most...I had to go turn it off.

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Store Location to sell our CD's in Germany!!

Hello, we are so excited to announce that Fragrant Friends is now selling our CD in Germany. So anyone looking can get it there too!!!! The town is
Wincheringen Germany!!!

We are also selling in Canada too! for anyone in Canada looking to save on US shipping contact them first!!!

We would love sell in your store too! Contact Kristen at

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BabyBites Event in NYC!

We are going to be part of the BabyBites event in NYC on November 11, 2009, so if you live in the NYC area and want to come to a fantastic mommy to be event this is the one to come to.

More info at:, here is a little below.

Babybites hosts an amazing bi-annual expectant mom extravaganza and our next one is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, November 11th. There will be shopping, socializing, eating, learning, and lots of giveaways! The event, Essential Tips and Products for New Moms, will follow the following format. The first 45 minutes will be dedicated to the moms-to-be shopping the vendors in attendance while eating and socializing with other moms-to-be, and the next 60 – 90 minutes will feature our sponsor introductions followed by our expert speakers, Pamela Weinberg, co-author of City Baby, and Laura Deutsch, founder of babybites.

We will have a table at the event so look for us there to pick up your copy of Baby Sounds for Pets. We can take cash and credit cards. Can't wait to see you there and meet you in person. If you have questions we are happy to answer yours there.


Celebrity Parents Magazine features Mom's We Love and Kristen Overdurf Abud

Exciting news!!! We are going to be featured in in the Mom's We Love section. Look for it soon!!!! We will keep you posted!

Ahhh Fall is almost here!

Hi Everybody, well the cool is in the air and all the animals are feeling it for sure!!! Lots of new babies on the way too. We are excited to say sale are great, lots of new mommies and daddies getting their pets ready. That is why we are here, to help prepare all pets for the new baby!

I wanted to share the latest picture of my two buddies, Fred the chihuahua and Antonio my son! They are fast friends and adapted great to each other!

So I am or should I say we are the greatest success story!! Love to hear your stories too. We will be having a new image soon as well. Well have a great Fall everybody. Email me at

We will also be introducing some new services and flower essences very soon. We realize it isn't easy on your own so we will be doing one on one consultations over the phone to help your pets and you adapt beautifully!

Thanks for all your support everybody! All our best at Baby Sounds for Pets

Kristen Overdurf Abud

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pet Age Magazine May 2009

Review to come!

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine Review us!!!


Get Fido ready for the new kid on the block with this recording of baby crying, gurgling, and cooing noises. Exposing your four-legged friend to the sounds that will soon be heard throughout your home will prepare him for what's to come and facilitate his acceptance of your new two-legged addition. Baby Sounds for Pets $17

Monday, May 11, 2009

We are in Canada now!!!

Hi everybody, Great news! We are in Canada now, with a new Distributor. If you are looking for the CD there contact Canada's Connection or go onto

We are so excited to be represented there. Please contact Nikki Strumenik for selling the Cd in your store in Canada or you can go onto the website too.

Thanks for all your support Nikki, we are so excited to be in Canada now too!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Baby Sounds for Pets hopes everyone that is a mommy or mommy to be the Happiest Mother's Day!!! Either for your furry kid or the new baby in your life. We wish you all the best!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

On a Spiritual note!

There has been some confusion for some people out there about the CD, so I am here to help. Baby Sounds for Pets was created to help parents to be, help their beloved pets.  

The great thing about America and our society is that we are free to think and do what we want, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. If we were all alike how boring it would be. We all have different ways of doing things and that includes how we prepare for a baby. I think many couples get pets first and then decide to have children and there is nothing like the unconditional love from our pets. (I write that as my cat rubs on my arm that's typing).  We believe you can't be too prepared for a baby, especially if you never have done it before. Some pets are very layed back and others are not. So we help them the best we can.

I always had so many pets growing up and loved them all. They taught me to be a better person and a very compassionate one. It makes me happy that my love for my pets help me create Baby Sounds for Pets. In all the research that I did and preparation I found that the two greatest ways to help prepare pets was to play the sounds they will hear, and bring home a blanket of the scents they will smell. Since there isn't much time for preparation with a blanket, the sounds made a lot of sense to me. Before the casting with "real babies", I wanted to make sure we got all the right sounds.

Now some people out there don't believe in the CD or think it doesn't make a difference. Hey, you know your pets best but for mine and many others it has made a difference for them. Plus, what a bonus if it gets your husband more ready too! The bottom line is, do what is right for you, and I know in my heart that my contribution to the world is helping pets stay in their homes with the family. Giving those children a chance to have an unconditional love of a pet too!

We thank everyone out there that Believes in the difference we are making! and are so happy we could help! 

Here's to a successful transition!

Wierd Universe had this to say!

Baby Sounds For Pets

I wonder if anyone buys this product just because they like to hear baby sounds:

These are the authentic recordings of infants and toddlers you often read about in magazines, but can never seem to find! Finally, they are all here on one CD - laughing, cooing, gurgling and cryng! Even the dreaded temper tantrum!

Baby Sounds For Pets is the simple way to ease your furry babies into the acceptance of change and keep them in their homes. I know several couples who have happier home with their pets after using this CD.

This is such an easy way to help the animals we love get used to their changing environment! And when pets realize that they are still loved and the new family addition isn't a threat to them, they easily accept the change.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Love to have your reviews!

We have received hundreds of letters of thanks from so many mommies and daddy's to be of thanks for helping their furry babies get ready.

We would love to have yours too, we are adding testimonials all the time and if you got the CD at Pet Smart, you can add a review there too.

We are so happy you all LOVE Baby Sounds for Pets! Thanks for letting us know.

Kristen and Fred the Chihuahua!


Hi Everyone, Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

We are excited to announce that we are on now too. If you can't find Baby Sounds for Pets at a store near you or on our site, now Pet is another option.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Great review from The Swanky Pup on line!

March 25, 2009

Help your pet adjust to a new  baby

When I was pregnant with my first son, one of my biggest fears was how my dog Maggie would react when I brought my newborn home. As dogs are extremely sensitive to noise, I knew it would be a big transition from a normally quiet house to one with lots of crying and other baby sounds. Though Maggie did well after a period of time, I wish that Baby Sounds for Pets was around then to help me with this transition. 

Baby Sounds for Pets is the first Cd to help prepare your pets for a new baby. The CD features several different baby sounds including crying, cooing, gurgling, baby talk, laughing and even temper tantrums! By playing this Cd for your pets before you bring your new baby home, you help your pet to recognize and get used to these new sounds easing their anxiety encouraging acceptance, and helping your family adjust. Pets are typically curious and seek attention, and by helping them get used to these sounds you give them a head start to helping your pet adapt.

Check out this great tool and listen to some samples online. you can purchase the CD or can download individual files (or the entire CD) on i Tunes, too. 

New store selling CD's in New York City!!!

We are now in the Puppy Loft in New York City on 26th street and 8th.

Stop in on your way to Buy Buy Baby and pick up your CD for you pet.