Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Great review from The Swanky Pup on line!

March 25, 2009

Help your pet adjust to a new  baby

When I was pregnant with my first son, one of my biggest fears was how my dog Maggie would react when I brought my newborn home. As dogs are extremely sensitive to noise, I knew it would be a big transition from a normally quiet house to one with lots of crying and other baby sounds. Though Maggie did well after a period of time, I wish that Baby Sounds for Pets was around then to help me with this transition. 

Baby Sounds for Pets is the first Cd to help prepare your pets for a new baby. The CD features several different baby sounds including crying, cooing, gurgling, baby talk, laughing and even temper tantrums! By playing this Cd for your pets before you bring your new baby home, you help your pet to recognize and get used to these new sounds easing their anxiety encouraging acceptance, and helping your family adjust. Pets are typically curious and seek attention, and by helping them get used to these sounds you give them a head start to helping your pet adapt.

Check out this great tool and listen to some samples online. you can purchase the CD or can download individual files (or the entire CD) on i Tunes, too. 

New store selling CD's in New York City!!!

We are now in the Puppy Loft in New York City on 26th street and 8th.

Stop in on your way to Buy Buy Baby and pick up your CD for you pet.

New York City Baby!!!

Baby Sounds for Pets just participated in the Big Baby Shower in the New York City on March 24, 2009 with We met and helped 300 new mommies to be, with their preparation for their pets.

For you New Yorkers the Puppy Loft on 26th street is carrying the CD in the city so you can get it there. Of course, at for downloads and ordering CD's.

We wish you all great success with your furry babies preparation and your new baby!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Location!

HoneyBee Pets in Belleville, NJ on 277 Main st., Belleville NJ is now carrying our CD's as well.

Check it out there!

Celebrity Parents magazine on line!

Celebrity Parents magazine on line had this to say:

If you're expecting and worried about your beloved pug Pugsley's reaction to the new baby, then try Baby Sounds for Pets ($16.99). The brainchild of model/actress Kristen Overdurf-Abud, the CD features a wide range of baby noises- from laughter to a full-on tantrum- to get your pet used to baby sounds before your onw little bundle arrives.

I decided to test Baby Sounds out on our black lab, Samuel Logan. Even though Sam came into our lives after the kids were born, I was curious to see his reaction to the CD. San snored through the Baby Talk segment, but was roused out to a sounds sleep when the Baby Crying segment came on and looked utterly confused. After a few minutes, (and a hug!) he settled back down and began happily snoozing again!

Baby Sounds for Pets is a must-have for soon-to-be parents, and will ensure that your furry baby feels calm, loved, and ready for the new baby.

The Cd is available at Pet Smart and at exclusive pet boutiques. For more info, check out

The Cradle Crush, February 23, 2009

February 23, 2009 

Want to help your four-legged friend get ready for your new baby? Fido will need some help getting adjusted to the big change that is about to rock his world!

Check out Baby Sounds for Pets - a CD made up of all different kinds of sounds that babies make, from crying to cooing  (and yes, a temper tantrum... get used to it.) the goal is to help relieve some of your pet's anxiety and jealousy, encourage acceptance, and  help keep the all around balance of your family intact. This CD does the trick!

The creator, Kristen Overdurf Abud, suggests playing the sounds at least a month  before bringing baby home... put it on in the nursery and any other place where the baby will be.

Good planning = good dog!

More Press for Baby Sounds for Pets

We recently were reviewed in several different publications.

Groomer to Groomer magazine for 2/09 had this to say

A new innovative product, has been released, Baby Sounds for Pets CD. This Product was created to familiarize pets with the sounds they will hear upon the arrival of a new baby.  The CD includes tracks of infants and toddlers crying, gurgling, cooing, and throwing temper tantrums. The CD should be played daily around pets to deter any rejection of the new baby or misbehavior due to lack of attention. Great retail item for your salon. Reader request card number 5809.