Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Celebrity Parents magazine on line!

Celebrity Parents magazine on line had this to say:

If you're expecting and worried about your beloved pug Pugsley's reaction to the new baby, then try Baby Sounds for Pets ($16.99). The brainchild of model/actress Kristen Overdurf-Abud, the CD features a wide range of baby noises- from laughter to a full-on tantrum- to get your pet used to baby sounds before your onw little bundle arrives.

I decided to test Baby Sounds out on our black lab, Samuel Logan. Even though Sam came into our lives after the kids were born, I was curious to see his reaction to the CD. San snored through the Baby Talk segment, but was roused out to a sounds sleep when the Baby Crying segment came on and looked utterly confused. After a few minutes, (and a hug!) he settled back down and began happily snoozing again!

Baby Sounds for Pets is a must-have for soon-to-be parents, and will ensure that your furry baby feels calm, loved, and ready for the new baby.

The Cd is available at Pet Smart and at exclusive pet boutiques. For more info, check out www.babysounds4pets.com.

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