Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Story behind Cd

Some of you have asked how I came up with the idea of the CD. 5 years ago, my sister planned to have a baby but was really worried about her 2 Goldens. I started searching for sounds that would help her dogs. I didn't find anything out there, someone in New Zealand suggested I create it. With my background in acting and modeling I know a few sound engineers so I contacted one and we did a casting of babies! At first I just shared it with friends and family, but the demand became so huge that I decided to share it with the rest of the world. Especially, after discovering I was pregnant last year with my first baby. Fred, Pasha and I had been alone for many years and now my husband and I were having a baby. We needed get them ready for real. Not just playing the CD to test out. I can say that they were ready and actually very protective of Antonio! That is why I know it works, first hand!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome to Baby Sounds For Pets Blog!

Welcome to Baby Sounds For Pets Blog! Fred and I are so happy you visited us. We want to introduce you to the rest of the family. Fernandez, my husband and Fred's daddy and Antonio, our son and Fred's and Pasha's(our cool cat) brother. We have had so much success with Fred, Pasha and Antonio that we wanted to share our success story with all the other mom's and dad's out there. Getting ready for their new arrival and all the fears that can a rise about the pet meeting the baby.

There have been so many success stories and we would love to add yours to our blog. Please let us know how your furry kid did with the cd and the baby! Playing the CD is a great first step that is so simple in help your pets adjust and be less anxious. We have heard from cats, dogs and birds that the CD has help their families.