Sunday, May 3, 2009

On a Spiritual note!

There has been some confusion for some people out there about the CD, so I am here to help. Baby Sounds for Pets was created to help parents to be, help their beloved pets.  

The great thing about America and our society is that we are free to think and do what we want, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. If we were all alike how boring it would be. We all have different ways of doing things and that includes how we prepare for a baby. I think many couples get pets first and then decide to have children and there is nothing like the unconditional love from our pets. (I write that as my cat rubs on my arm that's typing).  We believe you can't be too prepared for a baby, especially if you never have done it before. Some pets are very layed back and others are not. So we help them the best we can.

I always had so many pets growing up and loved them all. They taught me to be a better person and a very compassionate one. It makes me happy that my love for my pets help me create Baby Sounds for Pets. In all the research that I did and preparation I found that the two greatest ways to help prepare pets was to play the sounds they will hear, and bring home a blanket of the scents they will smell. Since there isn't much time for preparation with a blanket, the sounds made a lot of sense to me. Before the casting with "real babies", I wanted to make sure we got all the right sounds.

Now some people out there don't believe in the CD or think it doesn't make a difference. Hey, you know your pets best but for mine and many others it has made a difference for them. Plus, what a bonus if it gets your husband more ready too! The bottom line is, do what is right for you, and I know in my heart that my contribution to the world is helping pets stay in their homes with the family. Giving those children a chance to have an unconditional love of a pet too!

We thank everyone out there that Believes in the difference we are making! and are so happy we could help! 

Here's to a successful transition!

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