Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This revolutionary CD aid that helps your pet adapt to the big change in minimal time ! Pets react strongly to sounds. Give them a head start and help them adjust to the big change!
Relieve Pet Anxiety
Encourate Acceptance
Resolve Jealous behaviour
Restore Family balance

"People give up on their pets of 10 years or more when having a child without ever trying to help the animal adjust. I think this is an excellent way to make the animal less anxious and more prepared for the new baby."- Dr Patrick Dwyer, D.V.M., Northhills Animal Hospital, Rochester, MI

"My husband and I were expecting our first child and we were already raising Levi, our beloved pure-bred blue mural Sheltie - a retired show dog entering his geriatric years. We were in our second trimester and found Baby Sounds for Pets extremely helpful. We played the CD for Levi the first time and he got a little anxious and paced around the room. After playing them over and over he was much more familiar to not only the happy cooing sounds but the baby cries too. He became aware of all the different baby sounds! It was a comfort to know that when we brought our daughter home for the first time, Levi was well prepared for all of Laurel's new noises."- Fawn, Robert, and Laurel Nathen, NJ

"We had several people tell us how important it is to introduce a dog to baby sounds before the baby arrives. We were so thrilled to find baby sounds for pets and have used it with our 140lb Great Dane. The CD has helped her get used to the sounds of a baby crying. She is now completely unfazed. We are so grateful for this product!"- CJ Evans, MD

When I got the cd and played it for my 2 cats, they were so interested where the sounds were coming from. They just kept running around looking for the crying baby. This cd is such a great idea! Thank you."- Ann Arbor MI Sue

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